Solar panels are creating a mark in terms of energy conservation. It is just another alternative way to produce energy without burning fossil fuels. By using solar panels, it will help in preventing Global warming from getting worse. This could be the way to eliminate the effects of global warming gradually.

A Brief History of Solar Panels

The concept of Solar Panels all started from using a magnifying glass toconcentrates sun’s rays to make fire way back 7th century BC. It was followedby Archimedes, a Greek Scientist, who used the Bronze Shields’ reflectiveproperties to focus sun rays and to set fire upon the Roman Empire’s woodenships. And through time, this concept evolved until we are able to createpanels that could absorb sun’s rays or solar energy and then convert it toelectrical energy.

Steps in Cleaning Solar Panels

Just like any other equipment, Solar Panels needs proper care so that itcould give

You long lasting service. Cleaning it properly will definitely prolong itslifespan. But doing it in a wrong way will only damage your solar panels. Toavoid that, here are the steps on how to properly clean solar panels.

1. The very best thing to do is to contact to your manufacturer as they mayhave suggestions on how you can do it cleaning properly.

2. Prefer morning or afternoon cleaning your solar panels, they mayincredibly be hot during noontime. However, you can still use tools to useholding the solar panels.

3. Determine if there are dust accumulated heavily as it may need you toclean thoroughly. If not, your hose can do the job.

4. Get some warm water as well as soap and put them in a bucket or spraybottle.

5. Get a sponge or soft cloth and use it to clean the Solar PanelsCarefully. There’s no need to clean all the wirings under.

Solar panels are boosting now in the market. Some industries are also participating in energy conservation that is why they are producing product that uses solar energy as an energy source.

This could possibly end some of our environmental problems. However, weshould not entrust it only by using Solar Panels as an alternative to burningfossil fuels. It may help but it won’t eliminate the problem completely. It uswho must strive harder, unite and continually care to our environment in allpossible ways.

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