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Firstly welcome to Natural Power Save and thank you for making the right decision to learn more about renewable energy for home and sustainable living.

Our family of four made the decision many years ago to start making small changes to our everyday living so we could contribute positively to the environment. As our kids grow up we want them to learn the best environmental practices so they too can enjoy the beautiful world we live in for many more generations to come.

Some may ask where do I start and how can I make positive changes to help the environment? Our suggestion – start small. Small changes by many people can have a big impact. Maybe you want to reduce your waste and recycle more or perhaps you want to consider solar tube lighting for your home! In fact we have a great article that can guide your through the pros and cons of solar tube lighting for your home.


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In the meantime, we hope you find some useful information on renewable energy sources for home, useful renewable energy products and sustainable living.

~The Henshaw’s

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