Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages | Solar panel
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When electricity rising 3%-5% each year. We should research alternative resources for generating electricity for our needs.

If someone asks from you. What is the main source of energy on earth? What would be your answer

I know you’re and my answer is the same it is Sun.

Do you know? When we are talking about renewable energy, solar energy is a trending topic globally.

For instance, solar energy already proved it is very beneficial and environmentally friendly.

Therefore today we are talking about some advantages and disadvantages and some related questions people ask.

In this article, you can learn
What is solar energy in simple words?
Pros and Cons of solar energy list
Pros of solar energy
Cons of solar energy

What is solar energy in simple words?

Solar energy is the most important in our world. It is a clean and most abundant renewable energy source.

Because of that ray can convert to very usable power using some equipment.

It can say like this, we are using solar panel captured sunlight and it mainly converts to three types.

  • Photovoltaics
  • Thermal
  • Electricity

For solar energy examples, here are some variety of uses,

  • Generating electricity
  • Providing light and interior environment
  • Heating water for domestic
  • Commercial uses
  • Industrial uses

We can generate electricity using photovoltaics.
For instance, when we use this method, direct sunlight converts to electricity using the electronic process.

This method used for small electronics such as,

  • Calculator
  • Road signup
  • Home
  • Commercial businesses
  • Also, there are two heating and cooling method.
  • Solar heating and cooling (SHC)
  • Concentrating solar power (CSP)

As a result of these two methods, heat generates by the sun provides space or water heating, solar heating, and cooling (SHC) systems.

Other hand we use traditional electricity-generating turbine concentrating solar power (CSP) system.

Pros and Cons of solar energy list

In this section, we are lean on how to effect solar energy for our life.

There are some advantages and disadvantages appear in solar energy. But every day is growing technology for easy to our day-to-day work.

Meanwhile, some problems can solve easily. But some of them hard to solve.

But, never give up! This is our mission. Fail and learn from it. This is should add our life also.

This is green and no pollution at all. This energy can find all around the world.

Advantages of solar power

Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages | Solar panel
Solar Energy Advantages And Disadvantages | Solar panel

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.
Pros of solar energy

Solar energy is free from pollution there for no greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted.
Reduce dependence on fossil fuel and oil
This power available every day of the year, even cloudy generate some power.
Your profit depends on, how much you invest in this.
Virtually no maintenance as solar panels last over 30 Years.
Create more jobs. For example, employing solar panel manufacture and installing, etc. this will helps to directly economy.
If power company grid intertie. We can sell our excess power.
If generated power enough for your house, Building or company. Feel free to use electricity. Without connecting to the grid.
This can install anywhere from the field to a building, roof, wall, etc.
You can use batteries to stores extra power and use it for the night.
Soar power can use such as powerhouse or buildings, heat water, and power cars, etc.
This method is safer than traditional electric currents.
Modern solar more efficient and aesthetics than older.
There are some programs available to help with initial costs, for example, federal grants, tax incentives, and rebate programs.
Technology is growing there for everyday design more efficient and cheaper solar for easy to buyers.

Cons of solar energy

In short, you can see some drawbacks to solar energy.
But today technology is smart.

Therefore don’t be afraid to use solar energy. Every single day find solution these drawbacks.

  • Sunlight availability and Location
  • Area of Installation
  • Reliability
  • Inefficiency
  • Environment impact and pollution
  • Energy storage is very expensive
  • The initial cost is high

Why solar energy is the best?

  • Cut down your electricity bill – because solar power is free!
  • Renewable energy source provider – typically electricity generate using fossil is not renewable energy.
  • Environment-friendly – The main thing is this isn’t an effected environment badly. Therefore most people who love to environment use renewable power as much as they can. And lower global warming effect.
  • No main maintenance required – after installed solar panel there is no major maintenance for twenty to thirty years. Only you should check once a year it is working correctly or not and clean solar panels.
  • Creates more jobs- how to install solar panel every people don’t know this. Therefore this creates skill people.
  • Save our money – Because of the reduction of using fossil fuel we can save some money for our country.

Those are the main reason solar energy is the best.

I think in this article you learned lots of about solar energy and it is help to learn about natural power.

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