If you want to light up your home naturally and environment-friendly one method of using solar tube light.

This information what are the benefit and drawbacks of the solar tube light.

It is a reduction in your electricity cost and an energy tax.

It provides a convenient bright and strong glow of light. And your body needs vitamin D that provides using solar tube light and boosts your mood also because it comes from sunlight.

Think your window doesn’t allow all-natural sunlight to come through it to your room. Therefore this system, solar tube or skylight actually may be more important of your home than other normal light. As a result, you have a bright and strong glow of light.

Sun tunnels, light tubes, are structurally the same production. These light are used in residential or commercial construction.

After installing doom on the roof, sunlight is catch up from doom. After that reflected down to pipe (maybe created by flexible sheet or metal tube / 10 inch -14 inch diameter size of the tunnel) or grid.

It is interior works as a continuous mirror. After that, it’s run through the ceiling roof up to the room. And then using a defusing lens defuse the natural light every place in your room.

If you have two-story or multi-story buildings, you can use this solar tube light top of the floor only.

Advantages of solar tube light

1.       Get similarly natural light office or house

2.       UV ray eliminate block at the exterior dome

3.       Clean and renewable energy

4.       Increased natural light inside of your home

5.       Required interior finishing space is small

6.       Low expensive overall

7.       Light kits available

8.       Can get vitamin D and fresh mood of your day-to-day life because of natural light

9.       Energy-efficient and tax reduction

10.   Easy to install better than skylight because of a small device

11.   Won’t fade your stuff ( ex- furniture, clothes)

12.   Low cost of installation than a traditional skylight

13.   Doesn’t require any major construction or repair

14.   No changing of cooling and heating energy

15.   Beneficially  high and upgrade your house (especially trying to sell a house)

16.   It’s durable and impacts resistance

17.   Dimmer kit can block out light for special rooms or no need rooms

18.   No need to build water condensation over time

19.   Highest performance guaranty and 10 years warranty (different for some companies)

20.   Can install around 02 hours (skill person who have certified for installation)

You can see the above result and get an idea for your choice but every innovation has some drawbacks, therefore, I wanted to note down some drawbacks for your cognizance.

Places That Can Use Of Solar Light Energy

  1. Hallways
  2. Kitchen
  3. Walk-in-closet
  4. Bathroom
  5. Stairways
  6. Laundry room
  7. Garage

Someplace doesn’t need this tube light, Ex- computer or Television screen are, Because of you may be uncomfortable with it.

Some Cons Of SolarTube Lightning

1.       One source of energy

2.       Required big space

3.       Pollution

4.       Cost of installation

5.       No benefit for Re-sale

6.       You can’t control solar tube lightning

7.       Limit stage of selection ( 10 inch – 14 inch )

8.       Water condensation – humidity whether

9.       Expensive

10.   If reflected is long will reduce its effectiveness

11.   If it is multi-story building, Only use upper room or area only

12.   Doesn’t provide ventilation and views

13.   Poorly installation can be leaked

7 Best Solar Tube Lights 

Here are some best solar tube light in 2019

1.       Solatube 290DS Daylighting

2.        Natural Light Skylight

3.        Skylight Kit For Flat Roof

4.        14 Inch. Sun Tunnel

5.        The ODL EZ14SCANH 14’’

6.       Velux 10’’ Double Strength

7.        ODL EZ10T20 10X20’’ Tubular

Conclusion Of Advantage Vs. The Disadvantage Of Solar Tube

In every innovation, most people are searching for advantages and disadvantages for some of them. Because sometimes we should know about choosing or buying some product, meanwhile we should think twice or more.

Because that may not be good for our day to day life. Every time searching for information is the best way before using or buying things. As a result, you can select the best thing that you want.

This article may include some awareness for you this will help you to select some product. If you can despite this information also, it is in your hand, no matter select is in your mind, what will be the best for you.

If you have any question please comment below, I love to hear from you and don’t forget to share this for your lovely friends!  May be utility.