Solar lights as the name denote the use of solar energy as an energy source. It is heavily dependent on the sun for it to work.   A solar light or also known as “solar lamp” is composed of an LED lamp, that has a battery , solar panels, a converter, and a charge controller.

Solar Lights can be used as an alternative to ourtraditional light sources like candles and kerosene lamps or electric lightsources. Aside from it, Solar Lights are cheaper than Kerosene Lamp because itonly uses Solar Energy in which is free and can be found anywhere!

The Two Major Benefits

Lower your Electric Bill

Of course! Using solar-powered lamps can loweryour Electric Bills. Given the fact that it only uses solar energy which willcost you no money.

Improve the Value of your Home

Various studies suggest that homes with solarpanel systems valued and sold at higher prices compared to other houses intheir area. So if I were you, I would start using it now.

Solar lights can be beneficial to us, but what ifthere is no sunlight it can use to recharge?

Well, don’t worry in this article, we will knowHow to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun.

Using Daylight

You might be surprised, but even on a cloudy day,you can still have your solar lights get some food outside your backyard.  It is because even though sunshine is notpresent, daylight is still there so you can use it to recharge your powerlamps.

However, the energy it collects is not the sameas they could do charging in direct sunlight.

Using an Incandescent Light

This could surprise you, but yes, you read itright. You can use incandescent light to recharge your solar light. It isbecause it incandescent light contains the same wavelength as sunlight do.These wavelengths are essential to use it to recharge their battery.

Solar lights are conducive to all of us. Without any exemption, anyone can benefit from this technology. This would help a lot in terms of energy conservation. There are also places around the world that is still not reached by electricity and Solar Panel Systems can be very helpful for them as these all solar energy reliant which means it uses solar energy coming from the sun which all free!

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