The coal is mostly referring to a sedimentary rock, and it can be usually formed as brownish-black or a combustible black sedimentary rock that can characteristically be scorched as a solid fossil fuel. Coal is made for having a high amount of carbon.

Coal is primarily called to be a carbon-rich solid material. Even though the coal encompasses a high amount of carbon, it also contains hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and Sulphur.

By the power of heat and energy, it can burn the coal. In ancient times, the primary sources of people to make fire and create fuels are the use of wood and the charcoal that is truly derived and came from the coal itself. And the use of coal is the one that is being responsible for being the natural source of energy.

Pros ofCoal

The coal is being made for beneficial purposes. Andcoal is made to help our lives be easier and work faster. Here are theadvantages that the coal is offering.

•    Coal isprimary natural source that has the potential to be an Alter to various typesof fuels – The coal was made not to stay as a solid carbon-rich material, itcan also be converted into a liquid and to a gas that will help us to createenergy.

•    The Coal isaffordable and reasonably cheap on its cost – The coal was made to be thecost-effective natural resource

•    The coal isgenerated to be the main source of energy – By the invention of coal-burningplants and operating proficient fossil generating systems, it used to help thecoal to be an effective natural source of electricity.

Cons ofCoal

•    The coal is at times gives disadvantages to the flow of living and even being a hinder in the good status of the earth’s environment. For the reason that the coal contains a high amount of carbon dioxide that releases, the condition of the environment can be at risk and the energy released by the coal can be the reason to the damage of the environment.

•    Because ofthe eagerness to collect coal for the reason that the coal can truly help us inour living, the mining process of collecting coal can be the cause ofdestroying the natural habitat. And the coal has more capacity to be the onewho produces toxic consequences and exposes on radiation.

The coal is not about only for its, but it has adisadvantage that we need to learn about. These will be the guide of us tobenefits and widely awaken to the use, function, and existence of coal.

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