Modern society is talking about how to generate power without effect the environment. Time to change every energy and going to everyone talking about “Nuclear energy”

When we talk about “Nuclear Energy” some peoples’ image is oh! It is very dangerous. The real answer is, It is not like that, Because of it generates high-density electricity also low pollution to the environment.

Solar energy, Bio mass-energy, and wind energy we take as renewable energy. But that energy still not prove how to meet the energy needs of the population in huge areas. That is why nuclear technology different from other energy.

Why we should need to explore nuclear as a dependable energy source? The result is energy demand is constantly growing.

Nuclear reactions

Nuclear reactions in plant
Nuclear reactions in plant

When the atom of the nucleus is split- especially Uranium atoms. When the atoms splitting it’s become two smaller lighter atoms.

 At that time energy doesn’t disappear. That “lost” mass converted into heat. That is a high amount of heat process generates electricity.  This is called nuclear fission.

When atoms are continuously splitting generating non-stop sustainable energy for a long period. This is happening in the nuclear power plant.

Nuclear energy is like other energy because it has some benefits and drawbacks also. Understanding both sides of it and get an idea for what is future energy and it maybe helps our future energy needed and environment-friendly.

Before producing nuclear energy should think these facts also,

  • Disposal of radioactive waste
  • construction costs (It is High cost )
  • Public safety

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nuclear Energy

Pros of Nuclear energy

  • Low cost of operation
  • Stable base-load energy
  • Low harmful pollution
  • Sufficient fuel Availability
  • It has a high density
  • High reliability
  • Low operational expenses
  • Sustainable energy
  • Not delay of energy
  • Low expensive electricity
  • Economic impact
  • No adverse effect on water and land

Cons of Nuclear energy

  • The initial cost is high
  • Produce radioactive waste
  • Environment damage
  • National Security treated
  • Limited fuel (Uranium) supply
  • Fuel waste disposal concern
  • Long construction time frame
  • Accident happens
  • Non-renewable energy
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Competition with renewables
  • Not enough sites
  • Energy dependence of poor countries
  • Cancer risk

Ok, let’s dive deep in what are the pros and cons of nuclear energy in details that we didn’t think.

We are trying to give you the best information about nuclear and read continue and get more knowledge. It will help you and others.

Advantages of Nuclear Energy

In 1978 island, three-mile area meltdown and the 1986 Chernobyl explosion was the reason this industry fell dormant.

As a result of its some plants stopped to generate power and also hold the construction of other new plants.

This is the age of technology as that result energy demand is every movement is high level. Therefore resurgence has occurred.

Most people are thinking and innovation for needed for energy for modern-day and future also.

In the below, you can find some advantages of nuclear energy.

Greenhouse gas is low

Lowest Green House Gas released if we compared to coal, Natural Gas, and other electric generating plants.

Some issue appears in the climate change debate, they have mainly focused on carbon dioxide and similar gas for this.

Because of this gas atmosphere is depleting. As a result of it, nuclear energy once again gets a higher place of power generation.

Nuclear energy produces all emission-free electricity 63 percent in the United State and it is clean-air energy compared to other sources. (According to the Nuclear Energy Institute) (NEI).

Nuclear power production lowers pollution than fossil fuel production. If we take as one reason for the advantage of nuclear energy is the current consumption reduces 555 million metric tons of emission every year.

Then what about that large cloud dumped into the air?

That is not pollution, it is vaporized water. But most people think that is pollution, it is a misunderstanding of nuclear energy.

Got it?  Ok, let’s go to the next cons.

High energy density

Do you know it can provide city and industrial with just one reactor because it has a high power output ratio?

I think you already have an answer in your mind. Check below, that your answer correct or incorrect.

1000 Megawatts electric plant needs a small amount of uranium that a small amount, can produce electricity for half of a million people.

If we get renewable energy such as biomass, solar and wind. They provide a small amount of power. It can do light work only like homework office work etc.

But if we use nuclear energy power it can provide large power. That can use most manufacturing world. That means this technology used for heavy-duty work.

Low-cost electricity

Another benefit of nuclear energy, it is the initial cost is very high. But energy is inexpensive for electricity. Already mention in High energy density.

When we generated electricity by using fossil fuel, natural gas, coal or any other fossil fuel cost is higher than nuclear power generation. As a result, a small amount of Uranium is used to generate electricity.

Nuclear Energy Doesn’t Depend on Fossil Fuels.

The main and most important benefits of nuclear energy do not depend on fossil fuel. Likewise, it does not affect the unpredictability of oil and gas costs ever.

Nuclear energy produces high power generation using low uranium. That means using earth supply resources is not depleting. This is one of the benefits of nuclear technology.

If consuming fossil fuel, Gas and coal using continuously. We have estimated it runs out of

  • Oil -2052
  • Gas -2060
  • Coal -2088

Do you know fossil fission is efficiency more than traditional fossil fuel, natural gas and air? Its efficient is more than 8000 times of other fuel.

Thank nuclear technology founder for giving this powerful energy to us.

Uranium gives us time to find better and clean energy for future energy needed.

Benefits to the economy

nuclear Electricity Information -2019
Electricity Information -2019

Nuclear power gives us more profitable for the economy. Similarly, it gives several new jobs for cities and countries because of new plant construction.

Here are some article about nuclear jobs

It is required low fuel for power the plant as a result of it gives low waste as well.

Therefore we can save our nature and extra cost easily. Because of low waste compared to fossil fuel electricity. 

Nuclear power cons

Nuclear energy has more benefits therefor lots of countries big narrow to generate energy and lots of experiments using uranium.

But like other sources of energy, this also has some disadvantages we should care about.

Nuclear power is dangerous sometimes. Because of the last few years was some damage to using nuclear power.  It was terrible damage.

When we are generating nuclear energy some little pollution adds to the environment.

But it is not like other energy sources (compared to the fossil fuel), there’s a low environmental impact.

Ok, let’s see, what are some main cons of nuclear power?

Environmental Damage

The biggest problems are this fuel is highly radioactive and potentially dangerous. Because uranium is used as the main source of nuclear power.

As a result of it, its effect on the environment if not stored securely. 

The store is the main problem. How to storage radioactive? It is a big challenge to affect the nuclear plant. Because it still not find how to destroy this waste securely.

Also, we should know about other think mining is very dangerous for the environment. Because when mining it can mix with near water resources.

That is one of the side effects of this. 

Used nuclear fuel gets hundreds of years to decompose before it reaches an adequate level of safety.

One and the only way we have that is sealing it securely in containers and store in deep in the ground. It should not leak the environment.

As soon as, the scientist will find the best solution for this.

God bless scientist!

You can do it well. We are waiting to listen to your winning answer.

Accidents of Nuclear

When generating the energy we should think about people. Because nuclear is very dangerous. Small mistakes damage the large areas or killed a lot of people by mixing with food and air etc. Among other resources of energy, nuclear is very terrifying energy.

There are some dark memories of incredibly rare significant accidents come to trough this.

  • Chernobyl accident
  • Fukushima incident in Japan – 2011- around 10,000 peoples are death affect including long term radiation in the region.

We can’t forget history because of some accident get more than 30 years but still, the effect of it’s dangerous.

Expensive to Build

Nuclear Energy Graphs- 2019
Nuclear Energy Graphs – 2019

Now you know how cheap nuclear energy. But some countries have major problems is the initial cost of building new plants.

Construction a new plant takes the cost of billions of dollars and it keeps rising continuously. It also gets time 5-10 years to finish. Therefore some nation doesn’t invest much money for like that thing.

Nuclear energy worldwide graph-2019
Nuclear energy worldwide graph-2019

Normally $2-$4 billion or it can be rising $9 billion or sometimes surpass the estimated cost during construction.

Also, every nuclear plant must allocate funds to protect the waste thing. And should supply secure and cooled placed it.

This procedure to get lots of costs.

This thing must do. Because we are depending on nature. We can’t ruin it there for some action should get thinking and planning of future world.

Terrorist weapons

Most people are thinking that Nuclear power is bad. Because of when they heard the “Nuclear” word they’ve recognized Hiroshima, nuclear Bomb and weapons.

But the real truth of nuclear is not like that. However, if this exposes to dangerous people it might be a treat for national security.

Everything has two sides if we talk about nuclear energy it has two sides, benefits, and drawbacks, like that among the people, are also like that.

They can be categories as good people who are trying to do a good job for others. Also, bad people are trying to do bad things the society.

Like that people convert good things to bad things.

Therefore we should use this for our necessary only not to hurt others.

Weapons-grade and uranium grade are different. Which we use uranium for power plants. Therefore we can synthesize from it.

Non-renewable source of energy

This is not renewable energy. Uranium is limited for supply because we are still run on the risk. Produce nuclear energy depends on uranium and thorium.

If we generate renewable energy it is supplying infinitely. But uranium has to be a long process as a result of it very expensive.

This is one of the main reasons most people talk about renewable energy is acceptable in our world energy demand.

Because it can use infinitely and safely.

Some other uses of nuclear energy list

There are lots of advantages of nuclear technology. Electricity is one of them. Agriculture, Medical and space exploration, etc.

  • Space Exploration
  • Nuclear Bombs
  • Aircraft and ships
  • Nuclear power in cars
  • Hydrogen production
  • Seawater desalination
  • Neutron Factory
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Medical

Agriculture and Food– Some countries use radiation for their agriculture works. Like, stop reproducing harmful insects.

As a result of it. They can grow and protect well crops. And it can get the best benefits of it. More food for the world.

Medical- Nuclear research some amount of radiation allow required to kill cancer in the human body. This is the one way of treating disease using nuclear technology. The main benefit of it is when to treat, it doesn’t damage any other healthy cells.

In-hospital usage – Gamma rays use for sterilizing equipment. It is one of safety and inexpensive way.

Some equipment, cleaned by sterilized

  • Syringes
  • Burn dressings
  • Surgical gloves
  • Heart valves

Conclusion of Pros and Cons of Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy has a low operating cost and produces sufficient energy for users. If we take the Economic side, it has lots of ways of benefits that we can’t ignore.

Some very intelligent people are trying to get the best answer to the cons of nuclear and how to store nuclear waste. They share knowledge with other persons who are trying to solve these problems.

Never give-up Scientists!  Our future energy maybe depends on nuclear because it is the best way and easy way to generate high-density power using low Uranium.