As nuclear-related fields still expanding, it opens a wide variety of applications that can be very helpful to all of us.

Nuclear Medicine Technology is a very complex area in the medical field that concerns in treating and diagnosing serious health problems such as cancer and cardiovascular-related diseases. Being in this area can be very hard for some of us, mostly if this is not what they wanted to be. But for some, it can be fun and amusing. They usually take 1 up to 4 years of Training in various training programs offered in community colleges and universities.

What are the diseases that can be treated using Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear Medicine Technology involves using radioactive materials or generally known in this field as “radiopharmaceuticals”  being injected inside the body of a certain patient. It needs careful evaluation of the number of radioactive materials to accurately diagnose certain diseases such as bone pain, thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism, lymphomas, and other types of cancer and to avoid too much radiation exposure of the body that could worsen the situation in a much frightening extent.

The Job of a Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technologist is the ones who practice this sophisticated area of medicine. They administer the right amount of radioactive materials injected in the body while ensuring the safety of their patients as they treat and diagnose their diseases. Once the materials entered the body, they will now use radioactive types of equipment to image the severity of the disease or if this has already spread in the body.

How Much Money Do They Make?

Just like any other professions, Nuclear Medicine Technology plays a vital role in our lives. Because of it, we can now treat critical health problems that are not treatable before this technology exist. For this complexity, an average Nuclear Medicine Technologist earns 75, 660 US Dollars.

As far as Nuclear Medicine is concerned with treating diseases, it will always be in -demand.

In today’s generation, there are a lot of diseases emerging and are all equally incurable, making Nuclear Medicine Technology and Technologist more important in our society. However, even though we have this new method to treat such diseases, it does not mean that we will rely on it and do whatever we want on our body. Let us still practice a good lifestyle because “prevention is much better than cure.”

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