When we hear the word “Nuclear,” you will probably think of uranium, plutonium, nuclear energy, nuclear bombs, and all the weapons of Mass Destruction.

But did you even try to perceive it in its positive sense?

Well, you should be ready because that is what we are going to talk about – the positive side of the very sense of the word itself.

Nuclear Engineering is just another field of Engineering that specializes in nuclear processes.

Nuclear Engineering is probably one of the reputable professions in the world. Nuclear engineering all started way back in 1939.

It was the two German Physicists, Otto Hann and Fritz Strassman who did split a uranium atom.

Then it continues generation by generation until today where it plays vital roles in a variety of fields.

Being a Nuclear Engineer can be fun for some especially if this is what they want to be.

Before you become a Nuclear Engineer, you have to take High School courses in Mathematics.

That is calculus, algebra, and trigonometry to name a few. Aside from Mathematics, you should also take Science related courses such as Chemistry, Biology and especially Chemistry.

These courses may require a lot of perseverance and persistence to fully understand the concept of Nuclear Engineering and how it could be helpful or dangerous to humanity.

Nuclear Engineers are in demand today.

Because most of our technologies and even in diagnosis of Certain Diseases involves Nuclear Engineering, it is also applied in Food Production and submarine Propulsion Systems.

Nuclear Engineering’s greatest work is the development of nuclear power plants that produces 13% of the world’s electricity.

Because of it, we can now produce energy in a very efficient way.

The Salary

It is no longer surprising that a Nuclear Engineer would earn a high amount of money because of the complexity of their job.

As if one wrong move, then everything on earth will be wiped out.

A Nuclear Engineer would earn 91, 880 Dollars but in the US Navy, the salary of an average Nuclear Engineer would be 55,000 to 136, 961 US Dollars.

That estimation is based on statistical methods.

As complex as it sounds, Nuclear Engineering brought humanity to great advancements in both technological and Medical Fields.

It also brought us new ways to produce energy in a very efficient way.

Furthermore, there are still risks in this field. Some people may abuse their expertise in this field and become a threat eventually.

They may create nuclear weapons that would spark a war.

However, it would always depend upon the person if he or she would use it in such an unpleasant way.

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