As the world’s population is continually increasing, so does the consumption of energy. Fossil fuels are being used up at a very rapid rate.

Fossil fuels refer to the group of energy sources that were formed 362 Million years ago, even before the age of the Dinosaurs. There are three types of Fossil Fuel.

These are

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Gas

Coal is formed from decomposed plants and trees which was hardened due to pressure and heat.

Oil and Natural gas, on the other hand, comes from smaller creatures such as algae and planktons that died and decomposed at a specific amount of heat and pressure millions of years ago.

Fossil fuel is the largest energy source in the world.

It has a wide range of applications from producing plastic, cosmetics, and even medicine.

This energy source is considered as nonrenewable resources because it takes millions to even Billions of years to form.

That means that once it is completely consumed, it cannot be replenished in human lifetime leaving negative impacts on us since almost our daily functions are relying on it.

The idea of energy conservation started as soon as humanity realized the consequences we could suffer once we ran out of these valuable resources.


Everyone has to help and participate in energy conservation.

We have to conserve energy because if not, it will leave us to global cataclysm or worse, destruction.

If we do not conserve energy and keep on burning fossil fuels, it will surely run out, and since it is considered as a non-renewable energy source, it would take more than a lifetime to replenish this.

Once it happened, everything will be in chaos. No more ships, dryers, planes and even your car will be forever useless.

Groceries and Malls can never provide your fresh ingredients to your favorite dish. There will be no electricity, meaning that your appliances will be useless once and for all.

There will be no transportation. Everything that is energy dependent will stop forever.

And because of that, the political conflict will arise, ranging from local to international conflict leading to global dogma and eventually causing mass destruction due to the use of Nuclear Weapons.

Do you see it?

That is how big the impact when we choose not to conserve energy.

Scientists may be able to find an alternative energy source, but it would take time. And if they did, it can never sustain the high demand for power and energy.

Therefore, it is a must for us to help and participate in energy conservation even in a very simple way so that we could live in a much better environment for a long time.