Although most people focus on a gift’s sentiment, eco-friendly enthusiasts always look for gift ideas for sustainable living. Gifting eco-friendly or zero-waste gifts is a smart way to contribute to waste and emission reduction. When you think beyond pairs of socks and costume jewelry, you’ll realize that the impact a gift has should start long before the receiver opens the box.

With some thought, it’s easy to come up with ideas for environmentally friendly, sustainable gifts that can be used for years. Whether they’re handmade or not, gifting a gift that supports being sustainable at home and in general helps you share the good feelings that come with creating a better future. 

Whether it’s for your loved ones or a fellow eco-friendly enthusiast, below, we unwrap some details around sustainable gifts and share favored ideas to ease your search.

What are sustainable gifts?

Sustainable gifts refer to products made to promote environmental protection throughout their whole life cycle. This cycle runs from the extraction of raw materials to their final disposal. It also considers the social perspective alongside these ecological responsibilities.

Characteristics of sustainable gifts include, but are not limited to, their reusability, compostability, biodegradability, organic nature, and eco-footprint. 

How to Shop Sustainable

Becoming a sustainable shopper can be a daunting task. There are many grey areas, and it’s important to remember that no product can be 100% sustainable. At some point, waste will be involved, but doing small things to contribute to a greener lifestyle will begin to change the environmental effect you have. 

When you examine products by being curious about where they come from, you’ll start looking beyond labels that have green words slapped all over them. Diving deep into the supply chain and weighing each product’s lifecycle’s pros and cons will help you develop an informed opinion about it. 

The Top 4 Gift Ideas for Sustainable Living

Choosing the perfect gift can be challenging. When you need to buy something for someone whose goal is being sustainable at home, it can increase the difficulty of finding the best-suited gift. Luckily our modern times have opened many doors for the sustainable niche. In 2021, more products are available than ever before! Read on if you’re in search of some great gift ideas that will suit your or someone else’s sustainable goals.

sustainable gift ideas

Zero Waste Starter Kit – Eco Gift Box

Starting a zero-waste lifestyle requires one small step at a time. The goal is to reduce plastic waste by cutting it down daily. A zero-waste starter kit is an excellent gift for someone to start their sustainable journey. Removing single-use plastic items with the products in this kit is a great start. It makes a perfect gift for those just starting their sustainable journey and those well on their way.

Items in this zero-waste starter kit are reusable and plastic-free. They’re made from reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable materials to help decrease your carbon footprint. The metal box includes a set of stainless-steel straws, a reusable drinking bottle, beeswax food wraps, a bamboo toothbrush with a separate travel case for it, and an organic string bag.

SuperBee Eco Kit

Earth-conscious people will fall in love with this SuperBee Eco Kit when gifted with one. It’s an excellent gift for anyone whose goal is being sustainable at home. The brand encapsulates every aspect of sustainability by promoting social empowerment and an ethical work environment. They strive to partner with like-minded people and deliver quality products.

The selection of handmade eco-friendly products in this kit includes a beeswax wrap, bamboo toothbrush, and eco-toothpaste tabs, produce bags, and bamboo straws with a cleaning brush. Each product will set the receiver of this gift well on their way to a greener lifestyle.

The Zero Waste Box – Sustainable Starter Kit

If you want to buy a gift that will help someone be more eco-conscious, then a sustainable starter kit is the one to go with. Each reusable item in this kit will help reduce your carbon footprint by generating zero-waste. Whether you decide to purchase this kit for a zero-waste newbie or someone who’s following this lifestyle to the max, each item will add value to their sustainability journey.

When it comes to gift ideas for sustainable living, the essential items in this kit nail it on the head. Included, you’ll find food-grade silicone storage bags, stainless steel straws, and organic cotton grocery and produce shopping bags.

Beeswax Wrap Variety Pack

As an alternative to cling wrap, beeswax wraps have made headlines in the sustainable living niche. They’re sustainable, keep food fresh for longer, are reusable, and mostly compostable. Whether you need to wrap a loaf of bread, cheese, or cover a salad bowl, these wraps will do the job.

If your gift goal is to promote sustainable living at home, then beeswax wraps should be on your list. Gifting someone a beeswax wrap variety pack will help them add sustainability to their kitchen while being convenient and overall beneficial. This kit includes seven beeswax wraps in different sizes to wrap small and large food items and eliminate cling wrap for good. The variety of designs is an added bonus to say goodbye to boring sandwich wraps and spruce up those lunchbox opening moments!

Make a Difference with a Gift for Sustainable Living Today

Gifting sustainable gifts will soften your ecological footprint while empowering others with the items to do so too. Whether you need coverage for birthdays, holidays, or the wedding season, the eco-friendly market has gifting ideas for all. Buying a gift from this niche will extend beyond the day of celebration and leave nothing but an overall positive impact. 

From toys, clothing, and jewelry to household and travel items, you’re sure to find a sustainable gift suitable for anyone. When shopping around, do research on brands, and don’t be afraid to ask critical questions. Dig deep into the pre-and post-production processes involved in making your chosen sustainable item. Gift ideas for sustainable living aren’t limited to our selected ideas, and if you need something specific, the chances are good that you’ll find a sustainable alternative to generic items on the market.