Nuclear Pharmacy is the foremost and the first ever area specialty of pharmacy practice, and it is also the first ever approved  Board specialty by APhA.

It is a highly specialized field, and only a few colleges are offering training in specializing in this field to meet the requirements needed of the nuclear regulatory commission, but they are offering available certificate training programs.

You have to become an Authorized user of radio pharmaceuticals, and this requires a total of 500 practice hours and 250 classroom-based hours under the approved preceptor in the Nuclear Pharmacy field.

What Is a Nuclear Pharmacist?

The nuclear pharmacist or radio pharmacist, concentrates in the field of compounding, dispensing, procurement and use of radio pharmaceuticals they strive for promoting and improving the public health through the effective and safe usage of radioactive drugs that are particularly used in treatments, medical diagnosis, and therapy. 

They also research and develop drugs that are used to treat forms of arthritis and some thyroid conditions. They work with different kinds of radioactive materials, but there is an intensive training program safety provided yearly for all the personnel.

Radioactive drugs are usually prepared in some hospital-based nuclear pharmacies and sometimes offered in some commercial and nuclear pharmacies.

They are also responsible for the common procedures that involve, liver and gallbladder scans, breast scans, bone scans, brain imaging, prostate cancer imaging, ovarian and colorectal imaging.

They work together with other nuclear medicine specialists it binds radioactivity to treat the ill and to diagnose it is a branch of health care, but only some nuclear pharmacists are allowed to work and be employed by large industry associations that provides radio pharmaceuticals and other radioactive drugs.

How Much Does A Nuclear Pharmacist Make?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary a Nuclear Pharmacist and a nuclear physician earns is $116,670 and ranges from $89,280 up to more than $145,910. They earn a six-figure salary annually for such a very well-paid profession.

How to Become Nuclear Pharmacists?

To obtain a specialized certification, a Nuclear Pharmacists must meet the requirements needed and complete the obligatory steps to become a regular pharmacist,

it includes obtaining an undergraduate education, passing the licensure exams, completing the  1 to 2 years of fellowship or residency and earning a Ph.D. Degree.  And becoming Board Certified is just an option by examination after practicing for thousands of hours.