Whether you’re planning a camping trip, prepping to go off the grid, or are getting your ducks in a row for emergencies, investing in an Aeiusny 400W power station should be on your list. Having a portable power station on hand will help you keep electronic gear running by providing a steady power stream without the noise that traditional gas-powered generators make. 

While its output isn’t the highest among all the Aeiusny models, the 400W power station offers a powerful electricity stream and nearly identical features. If you’re interested in purchasing an Aeiusny portable power station, read on for our in-depth review of the 400W model. 

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Compact and lightweight

Bright LCD display

Hybrid charging

Can not support devices over 400W - eg. hairdryer, toaster, microwave etc 

Built in LED flashlight 

Multiple outputs

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Lithium-ion battery

Long shelf life

12 month warranty 

Aeiusny 400W package contents
Aeiusny 400W

Reasons to Invest in an Aeiusny Solar Power Station

Having a clean supply of energy wherever you go is reason enough to convince any eco-friendly enthusiast to purchase an Aeiusny portable solar generator. However, buying this specific model has other perks as well. 

Portable: An obvious advantage of a portable power station compared to traditional gas generators is its portability. Portable power stations from Aeiusny are compact and lightweight, making them easy to travel with or store. Whether you need a power supply while on the road or in your tent, this portable power station will fit your needs. 

Rechargeable: Though there are many ways to recharge the Aeiusny 400W, recharging it with solar panels is the easiest, most environmentally-friendly, free way of doing so. The only downside is that you have to purchase the solar panels separately from Aeiusny, but once that initial investment is made, you’ll reap the benefit with every recharge.

Health: This Aeiusny generator is battery-powered, making it a safer choice than generators producing carbon monoxide gas. Gas-powered generators aren’t ideal for in-house operation, whereas battery-powered generators have no toxic fumes. 

Quiet: Although you’ll hear this power station running, it’s not excessively loud. You’ll be able to carry on with shouting-free conversations and sleep in peace. 

Maintenance: The Aeiusny portable power station is low maintenance and requires no spark plug or filter changes. 

400W Aeiusny Portable Power Station

Aeiusny 400W Portable Power Station Specs and Features

Size and Weight

The 400W portable power station is 12.3 x 4.88 x 6.48 inches and weighs only 7.49 lbs. It has a basic, blocky ergonomic design which makes it compact and is portable.


The lithium-ion battery on this model affords it a better weight to power ratio. It has a 296Wh capacity, and its pure sine wave inverter makes it suitable for powering sensitive electronics. You can power most small electronics with the 400W model, and the long shelf life of its battery makes it a solid investment. Advanced technology also makes lithium-ion batteries safe, despite past concerns. 

The amount of time it takes to charge the lithium-ion battery depends on which charging method you use and whether the power station is in use during charging, but typically it takes about 8 hours to reach a full charge. 


The Aeiusny 400W power station has an impressive 3 AC ports and 4 USB ports, allowing you to power many different devices at once. 

LCD Display

An LCD lets you monitor the remaining battery life, though it can be a bit bright at night when faced towards you. 

LED Light

The 400W power station model has a built-in LED-powered flashlight to use in case of emergency or if you forgot yours. Because the power station is lightweight, the flashlight is portable. 

Charging Options and Speed

The Aeiusny portable power station has four different charging options. You can charge it through an AC wall socket, a car outlet, a traditional generator, or with an Aeiusny solar panel.

A full charge can be achieved within 8 hours through a generator or AC wall socket, while a car outlet or solar panel will require about 15 hours. 

Although the solar panel is sold separately, it is by far the most preferred charging option. It requires nothing else but sun rays, making it environmentally friendly. Your chances of always having access to sunlight are also greater than other sources. 


Aeiusny 500W charger

Pros and Cons of the Aeiusny 400W Portable Power Station

All portable solar stations have their advantages and disadvantages. Below are the biggest pros and cons of the Aeiusny portable solar generator. 


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Hybrid Charging 
  • Built-in LED Flashlight
  • Multiple Outputs
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Worry-Free Warranty


  • Bright LCD Display
  • Cannot support devices over 400W – hairdryer, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc.

Aeiusny Warranty Explained

Aeiusny offers a worry-free warranty on the 400W portable power station. In short, this means that any replacements or repairs will be done free of charge for twelve months after purchase, given the reason for replacement or repair is due to technical issues and not your own carelessness.

The device also comes with CE, ROHS, and FCC certification. Before use, ensure that you’ve read the user manual provided. 

300W Aeiusny Portable Power Station

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a power station for occasional use, no other beats the 400W model from Aeiusny. It’ll help you keep phones, laptops, mini-coolers, lights, and even sensitive devices like a CPAP machine running while enjoying outdoor adventures.

Our review details the good, the bad, and the ugly of this portable power station to ensure a transparent view before your purchase it.   

If you need more power and versatility, you can take a look at other Aeiusny portable power station models. Compare their advantages and shortcoming with the Aeiusny 400W model to see which power station suits your needs best.