When it comes to emergency power solutions, Aeiusny 500w Portable Generator is one of the most well-known names in the market. In this review, you will read about the pros and cons of Aeiusny portable power station as a portable solar generator.

In solar-powered households, nighttime and cloudy days are among the worst enemies since they limit how much power the panels generate. A back-up power generator is necessary to keep your appliances and all other necessary equipment powered up in such cases.

As an emergency power solution, Aeiusny 500W offers much more than other models in their arsenal. Of course if you are looking for something slightly smaller the Aeiusny 400W might be the better fit for you. But first, let us dive further into Aeiusny 500W Portable Generator.

Aeiusny 500W Portable Solar Generator




11.42 x 4.33 x 5.2 inches


7.49 Pounds

Recharge Options

Solar panels, AC wall socket or 12V car charger. 


Perfect for travel, camping and outdoor adventures or emergencies 

More Info

Aeiusny 500W power station
Aeiusny 500W portable power station

Charging Options

The innovation involved in the Aeiusny power generator’s designing process shows in the availability of charging options that you can use to power it. The latest model supports three charging options: an electrical outlet, solar panel, and a 12V car adapter.

Charging with an electrical outlet is the most hassle-free way to store power in this generator. You can simply plug it into one of the power outlets in your house, and once it’s fully charged, you can use the stored power during power outages or when you are in an outdoor environment.

But if you have the Aeiusny 60W solar panels, you can use the Aeiusny 500W generator to store the solar energy to use in an emergency. However, you should note that the solar panels and the cables required are not included in the package – but it’s an option for those who are all about sustainable living and clean energy. Even though their product page only mentions Aeiusny’s solar panels, you can also use any solar panel with 40-100W power capacity with Vmp around 13-18V

You can also find a 12V car battery adapter in the package, which means you don’t have to buy one yourself. When you’re camping outdoors, you can use your car’s battery to generate power through this device.

Aeiusny 500W

Aeiusny 500W Power Output

The Aeiusny 500W Portable Power Generator offers a high-capacity with 288Wh (12v/24Ah) power output through AC outlet, DC Port, and USB ports. The variety of ports and high-capacity makes Aeiusny 500W Portable Power Generator a reliable tool to provide power solution when you are traveling outdoors, camping, or in the case of emergency power outages like hurricanes or other natural disasters.

There are 3 AC outlets, 4 DC ports, and 4 USB ports, which means you can charge and power multiple devices simultaneously with Aeiusny 500W Portable Power Generator. Using approximate calculations, you can charge your Smartphone’s 40 times or power your laptops for about 6 hours in total.

But if you are someone who likes intricate and detailed planning, you can divide the maximum working time (288 Wh) by the power that your device consumes. A standard productivity laptop normally consumes ~50 watts, which results in 5.76 hours of power.


Aeiusny 500W Portable Power Station is one of the most compact and lightweight power solutions in the market at 7.05Lbs and 12.7″x5.9″x8.66″. You can easily carry it in the trunk of your car or the back of your RV when you travel outdoors.

The hexagon-cylinder shape also allows you to position it horizontally or vertically, depending on the amount of storage space that you have. All the buttons, ports, and interfaces you need are located on one end of the power generator, which means you’ll never need to reach or turn it around. There is also a sturdy handle that allows you to carry it around easily.

Ease of Use

There is no initial setup process required to use the Aeiusny 500W Portable Power Generator, and you simply use one of the three supported charging methods to juice it up.

The power usage is also straightforward; you turn on the power generator and plug in the devices you want to power or charge. It works flawlessly with most daily appliances and devices with <500W power requirements.

There are two switches that function as a lamp switch and a power output switch. Yes, this power generator has a built-in lamp that you can use as a light source in a power outage.

Aeiusny 500W charger

Technical Specs

Aeiusny 500W has a built-in lithium battery, which means you need to keep it away from fire and other flammable materials. In case of breakage and other causes of disposal, you’ll have to consult the local regulations regarding hazardous waste disposal.

It is also worth noting that the Aeiusny 500W power generator is not water-resistant, which means you need to keep it away from water and humid environments. You should also avoid placing the portable solar generator in spots with high corrosion or strong electromagnetic force.

Even though this power generator is designed for outdoor use and emergencies, it still contains sensitive electronic equipment. With that being said, you should not drop, puncture, or damage the exterior of the product since it can cause electrical instability.

Upon solar panel charging, you will see the LED indicator glow red (charging) and green (fully charged). However, you should also double-check the cables’ polarity manually because wrongly installed solar charging cables will also show a red LED light (same as when it IS charging correctly).

As a device rated for 500W power, you should never attempt to charge or power a device that requires larger power delivery. If you rarely use the Aeiusny 500W generator, you should still charge it at least every six months.

500W Aeiusny Portable Power Station

Verdict: Aeiusny Portable Power Generator

Aeiusny 500W Power Generator is a powerful device for the size, and it can fulfill your outdoor and emergency need for electrical power efficiently. When you have this device fully-charged, it can provide peace of mind from having a reliable power source whenever there is a power outage due to storms, hurricanes, or other emergencies.

The electrical output is more than enough to power and charge essential devices like smartphones and laptops. Still, it can also power appliances like mini-fridges, which is more than what other devices on the market can handle.

We highly recommend Aeiusny 500W Portable Power Generator if you are on the market for an emergency power solution.