The loss of consumer contact with a local butcher whom they know and trust is one of the most damaging aspects of the rise of factory farms.    The “butchers” of today are really not even butchers — they are simply specialty grocery workers who receive prepackaged and precut portions of meat off a delivery truck and arrange them in a desirable manner in the meat cooler section of the store.

Most consumers have never even met a real butcher, someone responsible for the respectful slaughter and traditional meat processing of locally raised livestock.    USDA approved slaughterhouses have put an end to all that with the processing of animals located as far away from the consumer as possible so that the horrific practices of factory farming of animals can be kept hidden.

While I buy most of my meat from local, grassbased farms, I sometimes run out of certain cuts or bones for making stock in between pickups as it is really hard to precisely estimate a family’s food needs several months ahead.

During those times when I need a local place to go that has quality meat and bones to fill the gap, John’s Butcher Shop fits the bill as it is as close to a traditional butchery as I have ever found in my community.

Founded in 1973, John’s Butcher Shop offers antibiotic and steroid free beef that the resident butchers cut up themselves although the actual slaughter is done elsewhere.  In addition, John’s meats have never been frozen.  This is a big deal as large food chains typically freeze/thaw their beef cuts at least a couple of times before the consumer buys it.

I also love the fact that I am supporting a small, local business that has served my semi-rural community for many decades.

A wide variety of meats are available at John’s Butcher Shop including seasonal rabbit!

If you live anywhere near the old time and very quaint downtown of Lutz FL, be sure to check out John’s Butcher Shop as a much healthier alternative to supermarket meat counters.  The prices are also much better than a Fresh Market type of grocery and the quality of the meat is just as good.


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist