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If you preserve yard chickens for eggs, it’s essential to preserve them inside the mounted or moveable coop space that you have set up for them. This retains them secure from predators and prevents neighbors from getting aggravated!

What do you do if you have a resourceful hen who figures out how to fly the coop?

Clipping a Rooster’s Wing

If you have one or more chickens that are getting unfastened too typically, the fast and straightforward answer is to trim the feathers of one wing.

Clipping a hen’s wing is a fully painless course of a lot like trimming our hair or clipping the nails of a canine.

Why Solely One Wing?

The rationale you solely clip one wing is to unbalance the hen’s flight.

If you trim each wings, a hen with robust wings would possibly nonetheless be in a position to get sufficient elevate by flapping onerous sufficient to proceed to get unfastened on a common foundation.

How Many Feathers to Trim?

Solely the ten longest “flight” feathers on one wing want to be trimmed to hamper a hen’s means to fly. Some people counsel trimming the left wing, but it actually doesn’t matter in my expertise.

Others counsel to trim outward, away from the hen’s physique, but I haven’t discovered this makes a lot distinction both.

The vital factor is to merely trim the ten longest flight feathers at about the midway level.

Make sure to use a very sharp pair of shears to do the job!

The video beneath demonstrates the fast and straightforward course of.

How Usually?

The method of clipping a hen’s wing solely wants to be accomplished about as soon as per 12 months after she molts and grows new feathers.

For younger chickens, you would want to do it at about six months of age but earlier than their first molt.

Does it Harm?

As talked about above, clipping the flight feathers is fully painless.

It retains the hen secure and retains your neighbors joyful as a result of a unfastened hen is certain to begin digging up no matter landscaping is shut by!

Does a Clipped Wing Look Unpleasant?

As soon as you clip one of your hen’s wings, it gained’t present at all when she is strolling or working round.

The flight feathers are tucked beneath the relaxation of the wing close to the physique, so the trimmed feathers don’t even present.

You gained’t even be in a position to inform which hens have trimmed wings and which ones don’t!

Do You Want to Clip All Your Chickens Wings?

Some authorities counsel that you clip one wing of all your chickens yearly after they develop new feathers.

I don’t do this. I solely clip the wing of chickens that are flying the coop.

In any other case, why hassle to do it if they aren’t getting unfastened?

Video: How to Clip a Rooster’s Wing

The one minute video beneath reveals you how easy it is to clip a hen’s wing to preserve her secure all 12 months long.

It really works for roosters too!

Do you have one or more yard chickens that preserve getting unfastened? I hope this straightforward answer that solved the downside for me works for you too!

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