When it comes to roofing shingles, GAF and CertainTeed are two of the greatest names in the enterprise. 

If you’re contemplating a new roof for your home, it pays to know what’s out there in phrases of choices, as a result of it’s doubtless the roofer you select will have their personal opinion, and it pays to be knowledgeable earlier than you start trying. 

So as to evaluate the two manufacturers, we’ll look at their present choices, judging them utilizing the following standards:

At the finish of our comparability, we’ll focus on how you can decide which possibility is proper for you. 

Let’s be clear upfront that GAF and CertainTeed are each high quality firms that each provide roof shingles that people all over the world stand behind. The one that’s proper for you will rely on your preferences for the components listed above. 

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A observe on asphalt shingle varieties

Asphalt shingles for houses usually fall into two classes: 

  • “3-tab” shingles
  • Architectural shingles

Every of these varieties is made by including asphalt to a fiberglass base sheet, and then embedding ceramic-coated mineral granules in the asphalt.

3-tab shingles 

Additionally referred to as “strip shingles,” 3-tab shingles are a fundamental kind of shingle that is highly regarded for funds roofing jobs. They get their title as a result of they are made from a fiberglass strip that has a contiguous high half and a backside half divided into three tabs that are each 12 inches large. 

3-tab shingles are the least costly mannequin supplied by the two firms we’re evaluating right here, and as such, come in comparatively few coloration variations (primarily gray and brown). GAF presents a 3-tab shingle referred to as Royal Sovereign, whereas Certainteed presents the XT 25 line.

Architectural shingles 

Additionally referred to as “dimensional shingles,” architectural shingles differ from strip shingles in that they’re composed of two or more strips that are bonded collectively, and have tabs of various widths. 

This building provides architectural shingles a nicer, more refined three-dimensional look. The truth is, architectural shingles were first developed to match the naturally-variegated colours and 3-D look of high-quality wooden shake shingles, but with better sturdiness.

These laminate shingles are usually of a lot larger high quality than 3-tab shingles, and as a result of of that, they provide higher wind resistance, sturdiness, and warrantied lifetime than their less-expensive 3-tab cousins. 

Additionally they come in more colours and provide other options, like affect resistance and solar reflectivity. 

GAF and CertainTeed are two of the most widely-trusted manufacturers of architectural shingles, providing the Timberline and Landmark product traces, respectively. The comparisons beneath focus on each producer’s line of architectural shingles. 

GAF Timberline shingles

Picture supply: GAF

For many years, GAF Timberline HD shingles have been the best-selling shingles on the residence roofing market. 

GAF shingles are usually more cost effective than comparable CertainTeed merchandise, but have historically come with some drawbacks, like fewer obtainable colours and a smaller nail strip that made it tougher for roofers to nail the shingles to the roof deck with a excessive stage of accuracy.

In early 2020, GAF launched the Timberline HDZ line, which addressed each of the drawbacks listed above, increasing the colours supplied to 16 and rising the dimension of the nail strip to over 1.8 inches, making it simpler for roofers utilizing automated nail weapons to work precisely. 

Timberline HDZ shingles additionally add a new shingle-to-shingle sealant referred to as Dura Grip, and keep compatibility with the older Timberline HD shingles for repairs.

The Timberline sequence begins with its base stage referred to as “Pure Shadow”, or Timberline NS shingles, and additionally contains sub-divisions that provide further choices, together with the American Harvest (Timberline AH) customized coloration group and Cool Collection (Timberline CS) Energy Star-certified shingles. 

For these who need to go ultra-premium, GAF presents “designer” shingles in its Camelot, Glenwood, Grand Canyon, Gran Sequoia, and Woodland shingle traces.

CertainTeed Landmark shingles

certainteed landmark shingles

Picture supply: CertainTeed

CertainTeed joins GAF proper at the high of the residential shingle market, bringing a status for premium high quality and worth. 

The corporate’s Landmark line of shingles, as effectively as its Landmark TL, Landmark Professional, and Landmark Premium traces set the normal for high-quality residential rooftops. Certainteed roofing merchandise are well-known for each their high-end high quality and high-end worth. 

The corporate has a long historical past of awards for its merchandise, together with successful a Product Innovation Award from Architectural Merchandise journal for its Northgate shingles line, and having its Landmark Solaris reflective shingles named as one of the top 100 most technologically vital merchandise in 2011.

The Landmark line additionally contains the impact-resistant Landmark IR impact-resistant and Solaris Gold solar reflective shingles. CertainTeed’s highest-quality choices embrace the Belmont, Grand Manor, and Carriage Home luxurious shingle manufacturers.

Evaluating value of GAF vs. CertainTeed shingles

Beneath is a desk that reveals the value of the hottest selections amongst the two shingle manufacturers in query. 

You may discover that the lower-end architectural shingles right here are nearly an identical in worth, but the variations between the two firms turn out to be more obvious as the high quality stage of the shingles will increase.

GAF vs. CertainTeed shingles value
High quality stage Shingle kind Price per sq.*
Good GAF Timberline NS $75
Good CertainTeed Landmark $78
Higher GAF Timberline HDZ $93
Higher CertainTeed Landmark Professional $120
Greatest GAF Timberline UHD $135
Greatest CertainTeed Landmark Premium $150

*100 sq. toes of roof protection

Bear in mind that value is solely part of the equation when it comes to selecting the proper roofing system for your residence.

Data on home values reveals that the common roof substitute utilizing asphalt shingles can outcome in a residence worth improve of round 66%. Contemplating that info, the variations between prices of GAF vs CertainTeed shingles appear much less noticeable.

Evaluating coloration choices of GAF vs. CertainTeed shingles

Shingle colours normally don’t stray too far from the normal darkish gray, charcoal black, and weathered wooden look, but if you’re in the market for a particular coloration, you can normally find one thing to match the invoice. 

Trying at the pictures beneath, you can see that CertainTeed is identified for providing a bigger number of coloration choices

Its normal Landmark sequence shingles come in 29 colours, exceeding the number obtainable in GAF’s first two high quality tiers. However in normal, CertainTeed’s colours are more impartial, and if you’re trying for a vivid coloration, choices like GAF’s Hunter {Green} and Patriot Crimson actually stand out.

At the highest high quality tier, the two firms provide a comparable number of coloration choices. There are 11 colours in GAF’s Timberline Extremely HD line and 9 in CertainTeed’s Landmark Premium.

comparing color options of timberline shingles vs landmark shinglesOne factor to observe is that obtainable colours will differ by area, as roofing contractors may not have sure kinds or colours in inventory. If you’re trying for a specific coloration that isn’t common in your space, you may have to place a particular order and wait for it to be shipped to you.

Evaluating sturdiness of GAF vs. CertainTeed shingles

Each of these shingle manufacturers are top-flight in the roofing business, and you received’t find a lot of people with authentic claims that both one isn’t up to snuff when it comes to sturdiness. As with all the things in life, although, there are refined variations, and educated of us will fortunately evaluate and nitpick amongst themselves. 

Every model produces fiberglass asphalt shingles with dimensions of about 13” x 39”, with 5.625” of uncovered floor on each shingle. 

The variations lie in 4 key areas: 

  • Weight per sq.
  • Nailing space
  • Affect resistance
  • Granule loss

Weight per sq.

Regardless of having very comparable dimensions, CertainTeed shingles weigh anyplace from 10% to 25% more than GAF shingles per sq., although CertainTeed shingles are truly about ¾ of an inch shorter in width. 

Basically, heavier shingles are thought to be more strong and due to this fact, more sturdy. To be clear, GAF is truly proud of its lower-weight shingles, claiming they’re each bit as sturdy as CertainTeed’s, and in reality – provide roofers the profit of carrying much less weight up to the roof with each bundle of shingles.

GAF vs CertainTeed weight per sq.
High quality stage Shingle kind Weight per sq.*
Good GAF Timberline NS ~210 lbs
Good CertainTeed Landmark ~230 lbs
Higher GAF Timberline HDZ ~220 lbs
Higher CertainTeed Landmark Professional ~254 lbs
Greatest GAF Timberline UHD ~240 lbs
Greatest CertainTeed Landmark Premium 300 lbs

Nailing space

When it comes to having shingles keep put on your roof for a long time, the place the nails go issues more than many other components. 

CertainTeed has supplied its NailTrack system for years, which presents a 1.5-inch large strip the place roofers can apply nails. They rightly pointed out that their system was superior to conventional architectural shingles with solely .5-inch nail areas.

In 2020, GAF answered CertainTeed’s call and launched its very personal “StrikeZone” nail strip. At 1.81 inches large, it’s now the business’s widest nail zone, in accordance to the firm. 

Large nail areas are good to have, but more importantly may be how many nails are pushed into each shingle. So as to stop shingle blow-off below the highest wind circumstances, each GAF and CertainTeed suggest utilizing 6 nails to safe each shingle (normal installations use 4 nails). 

With 6 nails per shingle, each firms say their shingles can face up to winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

Affect resistance

The shingle affect resistance take a look at, outlined by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) classification 2218, checks whether or not a shingle will crack after being hit twice in the similar spot by a metal ball dropped from a sure top. 

The minimal passing grade, Class 1, requires a shingle to not crack after being hit twice in the similar spot by a 1.25-inch diameter metal ball dropped from 12 toes. To attain Class 4 certification, the shingle wants to face up to a 2-inch diameter metal ball dropped from 20 toes.

None of the normal shingles in the Timberline or Landmark sequence meets the necessities of affect resistance ranking. 

If you reside in an space that is susceptible to large hail storms, you may want to select both CertainTeed Landmark IR or the GAF Timberline AS (Armor Defend) shingles. CeertainTeed additionally presents an impact-resistant 3-tab shingle, the XT 30 IR. All three of these shingles have achieved Class 4 certification.

Granule loss

The ultimate query of sturdiness has to do with the granules that make up the topmost layer of the shingles. Granules give shingles their distinctive colours, and additionally present safety in opposition to harm to the shingle from UV rays. 

As your roof ages, and particularly proper after set up, it’s regular for the shingles to lose some granules. The manufacturing course of usually outcomes in some extra granules caught very loosely to some very minute areas of uncovered asphalt. In the weeks instantly following set up, you’ll doubtless discover some granules gathering in your gutters.

Many roofers declare that GAF shingles undergo from a massive loss of granules earlier than the plastic comes off its bundles. Nevertheless, this doesn’t essentially imply that GAF shingles undergo from untimely graule loss, and there isn’t any information that reveals a long-term downside arising from this concern.

Evaluating warranties of GAF vs. CertainTeed shingles

The ultimate comparability between these two top-tier shingle manufacturers is their roofing warranties. As you may anticipate from the relaxation of this article, the firms are pretty evenly matched right here. 

Which one presents the greatest guarantee?

CertainTeed’s roofing guarantee

In 2020, CertainTeed presents a restricted lifetime guarantee for all of its merchandise above the stage of strip shingles. That features all the Landmark-series shingles, as effectively as CertainTeed’s more costly traces. 

CertainTeed’s SureStart Protection

Distinctive to CertainTeed is its particular SureStart safety, which offers particular protection for the first 10 years for all merchandise at Landmark stage or larger. 

If a defect arises in the first 10 years after set up, CertainTeed will cowl 100% of the prices of supplies, labor – and even disposal prices and further roofing supplies like flashing. 

CertainTeed’s Lifetime Guarantee

Following the preliminary 10-year time period of the SureStart Guarantee, CertainTeed presents a restricted guarantee till your roof is 50 years previous. 

If CertainTeed determines that its shingles have a manufacturing defect throughout the guarantee interval, it will reimburse its Landmark-owning clients the affordable value of comparable shingles (supplies solely), multiplied by the the rest of its prorated legal responsibility. 

The way CertainTeed calculates this prorating is by decreasing the value of the substitute shingles by 1/600th of the complete worth per thirty days. For instance, if you undergo a materials defect after 20 years, you’ll get the affordable worth of the substitute shingles, multiplied by 360/600 (0.6, the quantity left after 240/600 reductions in legal responsibility). If the substitute value of your loss is $1,000, you’ll get $600 from CertainTeed.

CertainTeed additionally contains separate warranties for wind resistance up to 110 miles per hour (130 if particular necessities are met) and 15 years of algae resistance. 

All warranties are transferable to a new proprietor of the home, although the switch should happen inside the SureStart interval in order for the new proprietor to maintain safety for the full 50-year timeframe.

Lastly, if the contractor you select to full the work is a CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™ contractor, CertainTeed will cowl their workmanship for 25 years.

As with all warranties, there are many paragraphs of stipulations and nice print. Verify out more of CertainTeed’s residential roofing guarantee info here.

GAF’s roofing guarantee

GAF does issues a little in a different way right here, basing its stage of safety on how many GAF merchandise your roofing system makes use of and the certification stage of the contractor you select. 

The bottom GAF guarantee covers shingle defects and winds up to 130 mph (with stipulations), but doesn’t embrace protection for tear-off, disposal, or workmanship. Upgraded ranges of protection are obtainable if your set up makes use of at least 3, 4, or 5 “qualifying accent merchandise” like leak limitations, roof deck safety, ridge cap shingles, and so on. 

For 2020, GAF offers the following warranties: 

  • Shingle restricted guarantee
  • Roofing system restricted guarantee
  • System Plus restricted guarantee (for installations accomplished by GAF Licensed or Grasp Elite contractors)
  • Silver Pledge (Grasp Elite contractor and at least 4 qualifying accent merchandise)
  • Golden Pledge (Grasp Elite contractor and at least 5 qualifying accent merchandise)

Comparable to CertainTeed’s workmanship guarantee protection, GAF presents 10 and 25-year warranties for workmanship below its Silver and Gold Pledges, respectively. 

GAF’s Good Selection Safety Interval

Comparable to CertainTeed’s SureStart protection interval, Good Selection is a interval of time throughout which GAF will cowl the full substitute value, together with labor, of shingles discovered to be faulty. 

In contrast to CertainTeed, GAF extends this safety to 50 years for all ranges above “System Plus.” but disposal isn’t coated till the Silver Pledge Degree. 

At ranges beneath “System Plus,” GAF applies the similar variety of prorated reimbursement that CertainTeed does if its supplies are discovered faulty after the Good Selection interval.

GAF’s WindProven Protection

One characteristic distinctive to GAF’s guarantee is wind harm protection with no most wind velocity limitation. 

If your set up makes use of what’s referred to as a “Particular Set up” with LayerLock shingles (like Timberline HDZ) hooked up utilizing at least 4 nails, and at least 4 qualifying accent merchandise, your guarantee covers wind harm at any wind velocity. 

GAF vs. CertainTeed: which model of shingles is proper for you?

This is what it all comes down to: which model of shingles ought to you select for your residence? The reply isn’t simply a easy “one is higher and one is worse.” It relies upon on what’s vital to you. 

Select GAF shingles if you:

  • Are below a tight funds
  • Like bolder colours
  • Imagine GAF’s claims that shingle weight doesn’t matter, and can select a GAF-certified contractor to get a larger stage of guarantee safety

Select CertainTeed’s shingles if you:

  • Need the most premium product
  • Favor the appears to be like of a more muted coloration palette
  • Need the most simple guarantee protection

After all these aren’t the solely two shingle manufacturers on the market, but they are the high two. 

If you’re set on asphalt shingles and not in a steel roof (or other materials), shingle producers like Owens Corning and Tamko make compelling, high-quality merchandise. The suitable reply for you may be one of these. 

The one way to know the greatest shingle for you and your residence is to get a number of quotes from roofing firms and use the information you’ve realized right here to evaluate their choices vs what the high firms are at present placing out there.

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