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One big reason to avoid conventional processed foods goes far beyond the fact that they are empty calories loaded with free radicals from rancid, usually GMO oils like canola. Testing by independent bodies such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has uncovered shockingly high levels of glyphosate contamination in these foods as well. (1)

Concerned consumers have even started testing their favorite supplements out of their own pockets. A friend of mine has been quietly testing brands of hydrolyzed collagen peptides over the past couple of years with rather shocking results.

Some of these collagen brands contain glyphosate residue at unsafe levels even according to the lenient FDA, which suggests “safe levels” about double what EWG recommends. (2, 3)

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and related products, is known to decimate beneficial bacteria in the gut. Over a thousand lawsuits are currently pending where the plaintiffs allege that exposure has given them cancer. Some have been awarded damages in the billions of dollars so far. (4)

How can this be happening? Many of these brands are organic and grass-fed…supposedly the buzz words for clean food.

While buying organic brands definitely can reduce the problem, it doesn’t eliminate it entirely.

Why is Glyphosate Turning Up in Collagen?

Herbicide spraying with glyphosate-based products is so widespread that the runoff is contaminating water supplies for entire communities. (5, 6)  I really hope you’re filtering your tap or well water!

In addition, organic farms in close proximity to conventional operations can experience wind-driven contamination when farmers apply pesticides and herbicides like Roundup nearby.

This cross-contamination means that animals grazing on unsprayed pastures can still be exposed to the ravages of glyphosate, and the residue can end up in your grass-fed products and eventually on your dinner plate.

Glyphosate Free Collagen

While this information is certainly concerning, there is no need to stop using a collagen supplement based on fears that the potential for glyphosate residue is going to do more damage to your gut than the benefits to your skin and joints!

The answer is to use glyphosate free collagen.

While many brands say they are free of Roundup residue, as of the publishing date of this article, only one brand is certified free of glyphosate with test results certified by an independent body.

I’m sure many more brands will follow, but for now, I was very surprised to learn that there’s only one.

If you use a lot of collagen like our family does, note that significant discounts are also available (use coupon code HEALTHYHOME10 for 10% off and buy in bulk (3 bottles or more) to get an additional 25% off (35% off total).

Until we’ve turned a corner on the incredible pollution that is affecting conventional agriculture…with the negative effects spilling over onto organic and pastured operations…there really is no other choice in my view.

My prediction is that food and supplements labeled “glyphosate free” will become quite important in the coming years. Perhaps it will evolve into certification as important as GMO-free is now. “Organic” and “grass-fed” will no longer be sufficient to guarantee clean whole food supplements…especially those that concentrate animal tissue like collagen.

In the meantime, what I’m doing to protect myself and my family is to insist that brands I patronize are doing their due diligence with testing to ensure safe products for their customers.


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