Selecting the proper siding for your dwelling is one of the most vital selections you can make as a house owner. Siding not solely protects the construction of your dwelling, but it’s additionally how you current your dwelling to the world!

There are so many totally different choices to select from when you need to change your current siding. We’ve laid out every thing you want to know about 7 of the hottest siding decisions to assist you find the finest siding for your dwelling.

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1. Vinyl siding

Worth vary: $4.00 – $11.00 per sq. foot

Professionals of vinyl siding: Low price with excessive selection

Standard manufacturers: Alside, CertainTeed, Exterior Portfolio

Vinyl siding comes in a selection of colours and kinds, so you can obtain the look you need with out having to sacrifice sturdiness. Picture supply: A-Top Roofing & Construction

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding materials in the U.S. thanks to its low price, sturdiness, and versatility.

Made of PVC plastic resin, vinyl siding is climate resistant and requires little to no upkeep. Vinyl siding additionally comes in a selection of colours and kinds, so you can model your dwelling to your tastes!

Maybe the largest draw to vinyl siding is its low worth. Nonetheless, the model of the siding can influence how a lot you pay. For example, vinyl shingle siding is more costly than clapboard model vinyl siding.

Most householders don’t see important points with their vinyl siding, nevertheless, if it’s not put in correctly it can trigger a selection of issues. A defective set up can consequence in important injury from storms and trigger moisture to construct up in the structural framework behind the siding.

2. Wooden siding

Value: $1.00 – $15.00 per sq. foot

Professionals of wooden siding: Traditional look that will increase curb attraction

Standard manufacturers: Cedar Creek, WoodTone

Wood siding

Wood siding offers a conventional, but enticing, look for your dwelling. Picture supply: TR Building & Remodeling

Wooden siding has been round for centuries, but there’s a motive people proceed to use it. Owners are attracted to the basic and rustic look of wooden siding to increase the curb attraction of their home. It’s no marvel that other siding sorts are attempting to mimic the look of pure wooden!

Wooden siding additionally comes in a selection of kinds, sorts, and colours to obtain any look you need. The wooden species and model of siding you select will affect the general price, sturdiness, and look of your dwelling’s exterior.

Hardwood siding, like teak, tends to come at a increased price ticket but is more resistant to rot. Softwood siding, like cedar siding, is cheaper but is more weak to water injury. Nonetheless, all picket siding choices are more inclined to rot and pests, like termites, than other siding merchandise.

You can stop these points by correctly sustaining your picket siding. This consists of refinishing or staining your siding each 3 to 7 years, rapidly repairing any injury, and correctly cleansing your siding yearly. Putting in engineered wooden siding, as opposed to actual wooden, can additionally assist mitigate some of these issues.

3. Aluminum siding

Value: $2.00 – $7.00 per sq. foot

Professionals of aluminum siding: Industrial look with a low worth

Standard manufacturers: Revere, Mastic, Variform

Aluminum siding

Aluminum siding is changing into more widespread for trendy industrial model properties. Picture supply: Architizer

Aluminum siding turned a popular, low-cost alternative to wood siding in the 1930s. Nonetheless, the introduction of vinyl siding rapidly pushed aluminum to the facet.

Though it isn’t used as typically, light-weight aluminum siding is beginning to make a comeback as a result of of its modern industrial look. Its low worth level doesn’t harm both – aluminum is one of the least expensive sorts of siding out there.

One other profit to aluminum siding is that it is resistant to pests, rust, and climate. It doesn’t require a lot common upkeep both, simply a yearly cleansing with cleaning soap or water to take away mildew or particles.

Aluminum siding does come with its drawbacks, although. For example, having metallic siding can be noisy. The sound of rain, hail, and even wind will be amplified by aluminum siding. Whereas it will be sturdy sufficient to defend your dwelling from that noisy hail, aluminum is a smooth metallic that can be simply dented or scratched and may require repairs.

4. Stucco siding

Value: $5.00 – $9.00 per sq. foot

Professionals of stucco siding: Nice artistic potential

Standard manufacturers: OmegaFlex, Sto Stucco

Stucco siding

Stucco siding comes in a number of colours and can be put in with numerous textures so you can get artistic with your dwelling’s exterior. Picture supply: Preferred Exteriors

Conventional stucco siding is typically found in the Southwestern United States, but it has develop into a widespread alternative for owners all through the nation. Spanish and Mediterranean model properties are identified for their stucco siding, but trendy model properties are starting to take benefit of this low-maintenance possibility.

Stucco is made of a combination of Portland cement, water, and sand, which makes the supplies comparatively low-cost. Plus, stucco extraordinarily fire resistant! Nonetheless, the labor prices for putting in stucco can be fairly excessive, since the set up is intensive and requires expert labor. This additionally means that if you’re wanting to DIY your new siding, stucco most likely isn’t the best option.

Stucco siding is inclined to cracking as your dwelling expands and contradicts with altering temperatures. It may additionally crack if your dwelling’s basis settles. This is one thing to maintain in thoughts if you dwell someplace with massive temperature fluctuations. It’s additionally not supreme for damper environments as a result of it can develop into oversaturated.

5. Fiber cement siding

Value: $5.00 – $14.00 per sq. foot

Professionals of fiber cement siding: Costly look with wonderful sturdiness

Standard manufacturers: James Hardie, GAF, Nichiha

Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding has a basic look, regardless of being one of the latest siding choices. Picture supply: James Hardie

Introduced in the 1990s, fiber cement siding is the new child on the block – but it’s changing into more and more widespread with owners. It was created to make a siding possibility that was as sturdy as masonry choices whereas having the look of wooden siding.

Fiber cement siding is made of water, wooden pulp, cement, and filler. This mix creates a siding product that is fireproof, as nicely as rot, UV, and weather-resistant. Not solely can fiber cement siding stand up to the components, owners will be glad to study that it additionally requires little or no upkeep!

Fiber Cement siding comes in a number of kinds, from shingles to batten board. With a wide selection of colours to select from, owners can even find fiber cement siding with a real looking wooden grain sample!

All of these options do come at a price – fiber cement siding can be about twice as costly as other siding supplies. The excessive price is primarily attributed to the ability wanted to set up the siding, as it can simply break being transported or when being put in place.

6. Brick veneer siding

Value: $5.00 – $10.00 per sq. foot

Professionals of brick veneer siding: Conventional charming look for much less

Standard manufacturers: Flexi-brick, Z-Brick

Brick veneer siding

Brick veneer permits you to seize the attraction of stable brick for a fraction of the price. Picture supply: The Balance

Stable brick properties are stunning and sturdy, but they come at an extraordinarily excessive price ticket. Brick veneer siding permits owners to get the basic look of stable brick, with out having to break the financial institution.

The most important distinction between brick veneer siding and a stable brick dwelling? Brick veneers are not a structural element of the dwelling. As an alternative, brick veneer siding is held up by the current framework of the dwelling.

Brick veneer siding is nonetheless made of actual bricks, so you do retain some of the sturdiness of a stable brick dwelling. Brick veneer siding gained’t rot, is fire-resistant, and doesn’t require further upkeep like portray or staining.

Like all siding choices, brick veneer does have its downsides. Bricks are porous and will retain moisture when it rains. This moisture can seep via to the framework of your dwelling and trigger water injury. Nonetheless, if your siding set up was executed correctly, your dwelling’s exterior will have been correctly waterproofed and protected from moisture injury.

7. Stone veneer siding

Value: $5.00 – $12.00 per sq. foot

Professionals of stone veneer siding: Rustic look with a lower cost tag

Standard manufacturers: Coronado, Eldorado Stone, Veneerstone

Stone veneer siding

Stone veneer siding can be used throughout your complete dwelling, or as a stunning accent. Picture supply: Table Rock Stone

Related to brick veneer, stone veneer siding permits you to obtain the look of pure stone at a a lot decrease price. Pure stone siding can price as a lot as $50 per sq. foot, whereas high-end stone veneer will run you $12 per sq. foot.

Stone veneer siding is made from a combination of portland cement, pumice, and iron-oxide pigments, that is then molded to look like real stone. The consequence is light-weight, high quality faux-stone that can be simply put in whereas nonetheless wanting nice. Preserve in thoughts, stone veneer tends to fade over time.

The most important disadvantage to stone veneer is that the stones will repeat themselves. With pure stone, each rock has a totally different form, shade, and texture, which is what makes stone siding so stunning.

The range in your stone veneer is restricted by the number of molds and colours out there from the producer. Whereas you can buy stones of totally different sizes and colours, they will begin to repeat. Nonetheless, this will go unnoticed except you have a educated eye.

What home siding is finest for you?

There are a lot of issues to think about when you’re wanting to change your previous siding. Total, what siding is finest for you boils down to what you need out of your siding, the look you need to obtain, and how a lot upkeep you do (or don’t!) need to put in.

If you need to increase your dwelling’s curb attraction, think about wooden, brick veneer, or stone veneer siding. These exterior siding choices give you a nice return on your funding by growing your dwelling’s worth.

When sturdiness is your predominant concern, vinyl, fiber cement, and stucco sidings are all nice decisions. These siding choices will defend your dwelling with out sacrificing the look!

Having a tight finances doesn’t imply you have to get a low-quality siding. Vinyl and aluminum siding are low-cost choices that successfully defend your dwelling’s framework from the components.

Regardless of what you’re wanting for, there’s a siding possibility for you to flip your home into your dream dwelling!

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